Training services are built around your horse or pony and their needs.  Each equine is different and all have their own individual personality, meaning each will learn differently and at different paces. Totem specializes in training horses and ponies in english and western disciplines.  We believe that a well rounded horse or pony is a great and versatile animal.


At Totem we start from the ground up, teaching proper manners while standing in the cross-ties to be groomed, tacked, shod or vetted.  Each horse/pony is subject to a nutrition program that will suit their needs, they are monitored with the utmost care and professionalism.


We utilize the round pen extensively, it is a wonderful training tool.  While free lunging, we look for different body language cues that the horse/pony will exhibit using a process called join up.  This process helps the horse/pony to understand that we are their friend, not foe and it teaches respect as well. There is nothing more frustrating then a horse/pony that doesn't respect you or your personal space.  For an unbroke animal, we prefer to first saddle with a western saddle for two reasons, one because it is heavier and mimics weight on the back and secondly once we do lay a leg over if they do decide to "bronc" it is harder to unseat us.


Professional training starts at 30 days. We do recommend 60 to 90 days for a younger horse.  If the horse/pony is progressing faster, it will be shorter and if slower than longer.  After the first initial 30 days of training, the horse/pony will learn more complicated tasks under saddle. If the owner wishes we will take him to shows or rodeos to get competition miles on the animal as well.

What We Specialize In



Barrel Racing

Pole Bending

Ranch Horses



Problem Horses

Trailer Issues

Tune Ups


Training Package


Our training package starts at $1400 per month. Here is what it includes:


 1 Training Session per Day (at $35/hourly session)

 12 Lessons per month ($450 value)

$400 Full Care Board (this goes right to the facility).

This does not include the $50 assessment fee.


Acceptable forms of Payment Include: Cash, Check, Venmo, CashApp and Paypal

$50 Assessment Fee

$35 per session (weekly basis) *Discount for multiple horses*

$50 per professional to ride (at competition)

We offer off-site training services as well!