Sales & Purchasing

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Sales Services


  • Marketing the horse/pony in appropriate publications (flyers, print ads in different equine publications, on our website, social media)

  • Showing the horse/pony (if applicable)

  • Screening potential buyers

  • Speaking with the trainer of the potential buyer (unless the person interested is an equine professional)

  • Set up a trial period

  • Set up necessary appointments - vetting, dental, farrier, etc.

Purchasing Services


  • Locating the horse or pony and/or speaking with the owner and trainer

  • Analyzing videos of horse or pony

  • Traveling to the horse or pony*

  • Evaluation of horse or pony

  • Negotiating the price (if applicable)

  • Evaluation of horse or pony and rider combination

  • Setting up the veterinarian examination

  • Assisting the pre-purchase veterinarian during the vetting exam

  • Riding for the veterinarian exam

  • Contracting a Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement​


*The potential buyer is responsible for all travel fees. $1.00 per mile in addition to the $100.00 minimum fee. If the trial period last longer than 2 hours a fee of $200.00 will be assessed. For pre-purchase vetting that lasts more than two hours an hourly fee in addition to the veterinarians fee will apply. All fees will be paid after the trip and will be subtracted from the final comission.

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Commission Tier
Minimum of $500
  • 5% - $500 - $999

  • 10% - $1,000 - $2,999

  • 15% - $3,000 - $4,999

  • 20% - $5,000 +

Commission is NOT inclusive of the following, buyer is responsible:


  • Cost of shipping horse or pony to final location

  • Board during trial period, if seller allows a trial

  • Lessons during the trial period

  • Professional training during the trial period (if applicable)

  • Cost of shipping from current location or home,  if trial or vetting is unsatisfactory