Barn Rules

Please read the barn rules and regulations that are listed below carefully:


  1. A waiver of liability must be filled out and signed prior to the start of the first lesson.

  2. It is required to give at least 24 hour notice of any cancellations, we understand emergencies suddenly arise and you will not be penalized if you cancel after the 24 hour time period. If you cancel in less than 24 hours you will be billed the price of the lesson PLUS a $5 late fee. If you are a no call - no show you will be billed for the price of the lesson PLUS a $5 late fee - this is a policy that is strictly enforced.

  3. Payment is due at the time the service is rendered - you can pay in cash, personal check or credit/debit card. Unless you have purchased a lesson package

  4. If payment is not received within 1 week, you will be billed for the price of the lesson plus a $5.00 late fee.

  5. Lessons last 1/2 hour to 1 hour. If the rider is a beginner, the first lesson may be spent on the ground learning how to properly groom, care and tack up/untack your horse or pony. We don't just teach you to ride, we teach you to be a well educated and quality equestrian.

  6. If you are late, it cuts into your time of the lesson, not anyone else’s. Once your lesson has reached its end time, we end promptly and will not cut into the times of the other lessoner’s.

  7. Boots with a hard toe and 1 1/2" - 2" heel must be worn, no sneakers or sandals (unless we are going somewhere).

  8. Long pants are preferred, however shorts can be worn if you are wearing full chaps or half chaps.

  9. An ASTM/SEI approved helmet must be worn. Please bring your own helmet as we do not have any to provide.

  10. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled lesson time to allow time to catch and groom your horse, unless this is a part of your lesson to learn these tasks.

  11. Allow time after your lesson for cool down and putting away your horse and equipment.

  12. No running in or around the barn.

  13. We are not responsible for students after their lesson is over.

  14. Call, text or e-mail ahead if the weather is questionable.

  15. All payment is non refundable. It can be applied to another service however, if applicable.

  16. The instructor reserves the right to limit lesson time due to lack of concentration, stamina or weather conditions.

  17. Friends and family are welcome, but leave the instructing to the instructor.

  18. All tack (bridle and saddle) used must be wiped off or cleaned after each lesson.

  19. Dogs are welcome as long as they are friendly and are kept on a leash when outside the vehicle.


Please abide by these rules and regulations. Thank you - THT Mgmt.